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[1]st , two or more points are clicked, the distance between those is measured.
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=== Distance ===
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Marker Option
Per 1Km(0.62ml)
Per 5Km(3.11ml)
Where am I?

Elevation -> -> m      Sorry,Elevation Service under construction.
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[2]nd ,When [Calc] is pushed after weight and the running time are input, it calculates variously.

Weight lbs Kg Running Time hour min sec
(It istimes as for the course in the map. )

bicycle Used bicycle...

{3} Your achievements is here

===== Summary =====

Distance Mile / Km
( of Everest in height / second by speed of sound)
Surround Mile2 / Km2
( areas in the Manhattan island / areas in Monaco.)
Calories burned Kcal
Speed Mph/h / Km/h
Combustion of body fat oz / g

In Energy KWh
( Electric heater 1000W min )
( Light bulb 100W hour )

Cheeseburger Piece(s) Beer 12 fl oz(355ml) Bottle(s)
Shopping min Cleaning min

If you moved this distance taking the car, CO2 of g might have been put out.
(It is when converting it with the PET bottle of two liters. )

100-Meter Dash pace for s
1,000-Meter Run pace for m s
10,000-Meter Run pace for m s
Half Marathon pace for h m s
Marathon pace for h m s
If you challenge the NewYorkCity Marathon 2009, it is about th place in people.

===== Elevation =====

Maximum height differencem Average inclination% Maximum inclination(UP)% (DOWN)% Total UPm

===== Direction of rotation =====

This time, .

===== Orientation =====

You've go to the m in a straight line distance to direction generally.
You were able to arrive at if you proceed straight.
You arrived at the if promoted twice as long as if.

===== Roundabout way =====

Enough away from the blue line, you have to detour destination.
::The vertical interval are not considered the consumption calorie.::
::This calculation value is a reference to becoming empty, and no one to guarantee the calculation result.::
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