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I practiced hard in the pool.
How much is the consumption calorie? How much fat burnt?
Let's enjoy to swim.

Trainning Distance(m) Time(min) Pace(sec/50m)
Please input two items of Pace, Time, and the Distance.
Three cannot be specified at the same time.

Weight lbsKg Save Weight
====== Results ======

Your Trainning

Calories burned Kcal
Combustion of body fat oz / g

In Energy KWh
( Electric heater 1000W min )
( Light bulb 100W hour )

Cheeseburger Piece(s) Beer 12 fl oz(355ml) Bottle(s)
Shopping min Cleaning min

It corresponds if it is a full marathon to running for min or km.

It will be possible to swim in this distance in about minutes
if it is m men's swimming race free style world record holder.

It will be possible to run in this distance in about minutes
if it is m men's world record holder.
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