Jogging Calculator Revision History

Ver1.002006.04.22:A Japanese version is opened to the public.
1.222006.08.05:An English version is opened to the public.
1.302006.12.09:You can serch place by adress,
place name and so on.
1.402006.12.14:The data form uses specification KML-format.
"click then move center of the map" option made.
"If you participate in the NYC Marathon..." simulated
1.412007.01.13:"Save location" has been increased to two.
You can simulatated amount of CO2 if you moved taking the car.
1.422007.02.02:Surround check box calculates the area that encloses it.
1.4212007.04.16:Some codes were straightened.
1.502008.05.17:The route where you ran can be automatically traced.
:You can race with your rival on the route.
:You can move to other cities by an easy operation,
:Terrain MAP release.
:Overlook full route by one click. etc.
1.5012008.05.20:For poly click event.
1.602009.07.15:I corresponded to the trouble of IE8.
1.702009.11.16:Twitter Post release.
1.712010.09.09:Twitter Post via @anywhere.
3.002014.02.01:Corresponding Google Map API3.
:The performance up to multi-point measurement at the time of algorithm change, etc..
:I prepare for two modes of the main & sub in distance measurement.
:Address verification and Elevation support.
:Variety of other graph display.And so on.
3.012014.12.14:Optimized map size.
3.022015.02.21:To fix the IE bug.
3.032017.11.29:To fix the IE bug.