[[ Jogging Calculator Manual ]]


It is thought that it is likely to have run how much distance after it finished running in the jog etc.A rough distance is presumed at time to have run, it applied, the rule is calculated in the map, and it will take the distance with the car the next day usually. And, it was very troublesome.
This Jogging Calculator is a simulator that can be able not only to take the distance though it refers to a chart easily on the personal computer but also to verify the result of the jog like the average speed, the consumption calorie, the amount of the combustion fat, and the full length marathon pace, etc. additionally according to various angles.

2.The main feature

-The distance is measured one after another by clicking on the map. Even if the map is moved or the zoom Inn out is done, it is OK.
-Distance measurement We have prepared two modes of the main sub, you can compare the two measurements.
-You can also find elevation. You can know the value of the difference in height of other data by running it.
-You can also view the image view of the elevation.
-I play a variety of other graph display.
-It is possible to know the address of the measurement point. I also see Road name.
-The marker of each 1Km/5Km can be displayed.
-The route where you ran can be moved to other cities by an easy operation, and it is possible to compare it.
-When [Save location] is clicked, the place and the magnification in a present map are preserved. You can preserve two places.
-Please input weight and the running time and push [Calc] by all means. The average speed, the consumption calorie, the amount of the combustion fat, and the standard and others of the calorie consumption are calculated.
-The data of the running route can be output. Moreover, the data can be read later. As a result, the friend can be shared with the route.The data form uses specification KML-format with Google Earth. You can use this data with Google Earth.
-It corresponds though it jogs on the other side of the earth. How many miles is of time of surroundings it as for three large pyramids of Egypt? When shuttling to Diamond Head ,how many mailes? It is possible to simulate it as liked.
-You can serch place by adress,place name and so on.
-Specially, it is not because it specializes in the jog. It is a bicycle and a touring from New York to Washington. - It borrowed at time. It can put on the average speed.
-You can turn off the display temporarily and other rail road on the map.
-It is multiwindow because it uses GoogleMap API3. Moreover, the resolution of the satellite image goes up, too.

3.How to use

Map display and movement
First,the map is moved around want to be taken the distance.The map can be moved by dragging on the map up and down and right and left.Moreover, a similar operation can be done even in a lower right small window.This small window is convenient because the range displayed compared with the main window is wide when greatly moving it.

If you input adress or place name in inputbox and submit place serch , you can jump to input place.

To register wanting usually take the distance , the map is moved to the vicinity, and [Save locationSave location]is clicked. Then, when the Jogging Calculator is displayed in next time, "Location 1" becomes the display of default there.
Please click [Save locationJump location] to the movement to the save location.
If you put the check in "The click point is always made the center of the map", the clicked point always becomes the center of the map. In this case, you become unnecessary the drug in the map. This on-off setting can be preserved by pushing [Make default locationMake default location]. 。

Distance measurement
As for the distance that wants to be measured, it is measured between the points clicked with the mouse. Of course, can it move, and the reduced scale be changed by dragging the map during the measurement.
Please push [取り消しUndo] when you make a mistake in the clicked point, then amount of operation can be canceled once. Bygone's operation can be canceled further another times by pushing again.
The marker can be displayed on the map per 1km and 5km. Please put the check in the check box when you want to display it. Per 1km marker is ,per 5km marker is .
Surround check box calculates the area that encloses it.
Distance measurement offers two modes of the main & sub. It can easily be compared to measurements of the two distance measurements can therefore be idependently each. Maindata is displayed in blue line and subdata in red line.
To clear the whole, CLEAR is clicked. Then, the distance and the display are cleared.

Comparing with other town
The route where you ran can be moved to other cities by an easy operation, and it is possible to compare it.
Select the city l by [Comparing with other town].
The route can be moved by dragging after it jumps.

A variety of calculations
Various items calculate when weight and the running time are input.
Input weight(lbs or Kg),running time and the frequency (if you turn the course surroundings) and click Calc.
Then the computer calculates by various items like the mileage and the average speed, etc. and displays it.

Address verification
Address of the measuring point is, you can find out by putting a check in the check box in front of "Where am I?"
However, it is not supported in some areas. Please note that it may not be taken depending on the data server status.

If you want to know the elevation of the measuring point, please put a check in the check box in front of the "Elevation". In addition, it can not be turned on and off the display of elevation on the way you are measuring the distance and the like.

Data output and Data reading
The route data made for myself can be output and be read again.
However, it cannot be done to output directly, and to read data as a file for safety reasons. The method of outputting and reading the text data is adopted to the last.
When [SaveSave] is clicked after the route is made, the text area is displayed. The text data made in this text area. Please copy the data, and save it in the text file etc. after paste.
The data form uses specification KML-format with Google Earth. You can use this data with Google Earth. I recommend "kml" to be applied to the extension of the file name when you save it.(ex. rundata.kml) So If you open the file with Google Earth, you can use data with it.
This text area can be shut by clicking [CloseClose].
When the made data is read, [OpenOpen] is clicked. The text area is displayed, and the data preserved there is clicked and click OPEN, please after putting of the copy.


-This calculation value is a reference to becoming empty, and no one to guarantee the calculation result.
-The vertical interval are not considered the consumption calorie.::
-Please refer to Revision History.

Jogging Calculator