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The strategy of the marathon race is simulated.
By what pace should I run to clear the target time?
Is there a new discovery?

Race Distance
Target Time : Hour Min Sec

You think about the strategy of the entire race first.
In this item, it is considered that the condition changes in the first half of the race and the second half because of the wind and the slope.

simulation simulation simulation
Constant pace the first half is
difficult course
the latter half is
difficult course

Difference of pace in the first half and the latter half sec/mile

Let's think about your race pattern.
Where do you expect to hit the wall? Let's think about the point of holding out here.
The wall is set to mile point.

You think about the situation to hit the wall.
It is the most difficult point. If you carefully estimated here, going mad is caused in the entire pace.
simulation simulation
From the wall to the goal
Down of pace gradually
From the wall to the goal
Down of pace constantly

Pace difference between the wall and goal sec/mile

The confusion when starting is considered.
Especially, it is an important factor in a large-scale race.
Down of pace at sec/km To the mile point

Injury time in the water supply and Aid-station is considered.
I do not think that there is a necessity that worries too much usually. It might be good if it inputs it if often going to your stopping, drinking water, and the rest room.
It is injury time of sec in each mile

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